11.00 - 19.00
Casino Luxembourg

Workshop, Flags of Earth with the artist (for children and adults)

In the late 1960s, an Illinois farmer, James W. Cadle, invented the "Flag of Earth", a flag to unite us all under one idea: we are earthlings. In the continuity of existing flags, he used an assemblage of shapes and colours to represent the Earth. Nowadays, we live in a world saturated with images and his attempt to bring us together has been forgotten. What if flags, to tell their stories, now used images instead of colours?

Following the pattern of Cadle's "Flag of Earth", the workshop invites you to create your own version of the flag using 4 images that represent for you the idea of what the Earth is, and to take home your creation printed in A3 format.

All of your proposals will be used to create a collaborative work in the form of small flags, each carrying the ideas and messages that you wished to put on it. The ensemble will be exhibited at the Casino – Forum d’art contemporain afterwards.

With the artist Jean-Baptiste Grangier

More information www.casino-luxembourg.lu

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