Octave Cowbell

Octave Cowbell is a historic and emblematic associative exhibition site of the Grand Est region.

Since 2004, this gallery's mission is to disseminate young contemporary creation in all its forms.

Located at 5 rue des Parmentiers in Metz, Octave Cowbell is an apartment open to visitors. You enter through the window by means of a small staircase placed in the street. Inside, 25 square meters in white, neon-lit with a fireplace.

In 2018, Vanessa Gandar, photographer and visual artist, takes over the artistic direction of "the gallery where you enter through the window".

His curatorial project intends to reflect on nature, the relationship between man and the environment, the proximity of territories, the contemplation of the cosmos, while giving priority to field experiences.

The invited artists have in common to question the origin of things and forms, materials and their future, the relationship of man to the natural environment. In the form of neat collections, meticulous gathering, photographs, drawings or installations, these exhibitions are as many variations on the question of the landscape, whether it is natural or artificial, telluric or atmospheric, fragile or constrained.

With the support of the DRAC Grand Est, the Grand Est region, the city of Metz and the Department of Moselle. Member of the Lora network.

+33 (0) 670 894 082

  • 5 Rue des Parmentiers
    57000 Metz