Thai Celadon

As a young teenager, Lek would accompany her family’s cook to the fresh market every morning, where she learned how to select and prepare ingredients that would then be transformed into two 4-course meals—daily lunches and dinners—for her parents’ household. No two meals were alike, and no two menus could be repeated over the course of 10 days.  To some, this might have seemed like a tedious constraint or chore; for Lek, it was an exciting challenge, one that would ignite her ongoing passion for food and recipes. She would thereafter join the luxury hotel chain, Dusit Thani, where she would meet and work alongside some of the most renowned Thai chefs before opening her own restaurant. Upon her arrival in Luxembourg, Lek soon discovered that there was not a single Thai restaurant to be found.  She decided she would open the first.  It was a simple passion for eating. Instincts and a hunger for knowledge into the history of Thai cuisine that allowed Lek to produce unique dishes that would quickly become -and continue to be- a hit with Luxembourg cosmopolitan customers, intrigued by the multifaceted flavors of Thailand, as well as Thai diners, who came for the comforting tastes of home. Inspired by the rich Thai gastronomy – from ancient royal dishes to casual street food, and regional classics to traditional family recipies – our philosophy is based upon experimentation, discovery (sometimes re-discovery) and, of course, variety. The foundator, Lek Zimmer, constantly renews traditional recipies, rediscovers dishes that are dear to the heart of Thai people and reinvents Thai fingerfood. We encourage the unexpected while maintaining an uncompromising dedication to true flavors, attention to detail and above all, fresh, quality ingredients. Our menus feature a melange of locally and regionally sourced produce as well as imported spices, herbs and essentials from Thailand to ensures a unique gastronomic experience that still remains true to the tastes and memories of our homeland.

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