Art and New Technologies

17:00 - 18:00
in collaboration with POST Luxembourg and LetzAI

Location: Art Talks

Hinde Baddou (Consultant at Finegan Luxembourg, Associate co-founder of the Luxembourg house of web3)

Guest Speakers:
Serge Ecker (Sculptor, member of DKollektiv and one of the initiators of VEWA espace de création)
Lynn Klemmer (Multimedia Artist)
Jonas Lund (Conceptual Artist)
Eric Mangen (Abstract Artist)
Misch Strotz (Co-founder and CEO of LetzAI)


Art and New Technologies is the first Art Talk among the two conferences organised by Luxembourg Art Week, in collaboration with POST Luxembourg and LetzAI. The Talk will be opened by conceptual Artist Jonas Lund, with a keynote presentation (via Zoom) that will be bridging the gap between NFTs and AI in artistic creation. Jonas Lund will take us behind the scenes of his own artistic research, tools and practices. This introduction will be followed by a demo presentation by the co-founder and CEO of LetzAI Misch Strotz, who will introduce the platform, its goals, objectives and demystify creative AI systems in the art world. This short presentation will acts as a bridge to the panel discussion moderated by Hinde Baddou, hosting Luxembourgish and Luxembourg-based artists Serge Ecker, Lynn Klemmer and Eric Mangen. The discussion will focus on the artists' individual experiences and insights into incorporating AI and modern technologies into their own work and creative practices, as well as the reasons that lay behind more critical approaches to the latter. This Art Talk offers to the public a thought-provoking exploration of the relationship between art and technology, which will be complemented by the second Art Talk organised in collaboration with POST Luxembourg and LetzAI: Digital Collectibles (on Sunday 12 November, 11:00 – 12:00)

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