Création artistique : intelligence artificielle et les nouveaux paramètres de l’art

In collaboration with Institut français du Luxembourg

Location: Art Talks (Luxembourg Art Week Conference Area)

Guest speakers:
Paul Mouginot (Artist and creator of the project aurèce vettier)
Valentin Schmite (AI expert, author, founder of Ask Mona)


Artificial intelligence is reshaping the landscape of artistic creation, establishing a dialogue between humans and machines. We invite you to explore this dynamic with the artist aurèce vettier and AI expert Valentin Schmite during an enriching conference and debate.

aurèce vettier uses AI as a creative tool, thus exploring new artistic frontiers. On the other hand, Valentin Schmite, author of "Reflections on the Talking Robot" and founder of the AI startup Ask Mona, examines the intersection of art and technology from a reflective perspective.

The conference will begin with a retrospective on the history of relationships between machines and artists, highlighting how art can catalyze technological innovation. They will then delve into contemporary creation through the lens of generative AI, exploring how this technology can enhance the creative process. To conclude, the discussion will turn to the ethical and legal challenges posed by AI in art. Our speakers will discuss implications regarding intellectual property and the evolution of creativity in this emerging technological context.

Valentin Schmite Valentin Schmite explores the connections between art and artificial intelligence. He co-founded Ask Mona in 2016 to bring cultural institutions closer to their audiences through technology. Since 2018, he has been teaching a course on AI and culture at Sciences Po. Simultaneously, he contributes to the public discourse as an author. His latest book, "Reflections on the Talking Robot: Conversations with ChatGPT," represents a unique milestone, delving into the dialogues between humans and machines and highlighting the challenges of this innovative technology.

aurèce vettier
Aurèce vettier, created by Paul Mouginot in 2019, is an artistic project that blends art and technology. The identity of aurèce vettier allows for explorations between the physical realm, where art takes tangible form, and the virtual space of data, enriched by artificial intelligence algorithms. This approach transforms machine-generated elements into raw materials, thus expanding conceptual horizons. Poetry, a central element of his practice, led to an initial collaboration with a machine to publish a book. Continuing to explore generative approaches dating back to the 1950s, aurèce vettier creates works that navigate between the real and the virtual, as exemplified by his series "Potential Herbariums," merging traditional artistic forms with AI-inspired digital creations.

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