Demystifying Due Diligence: For a transparent Art Market

In collaboration with LAFA - Luxembourg Art Galleries & Practitioners

Practical Aspects related to purchases of art works.

Art Talks (Luxembourg Art Week Conference Area)


Dr. Eric Perru (Partner & Lawyer, PINSENT MASONS LUXEMBOURG Vice-President, LAFA)

Guest speakers:
Aude Lemogne (Director, Link Management RAM Working Group Member).
Glenn Meyer (Partner, Arendt & Medernach RAM Contributing Authors).
Emmanuel Van de Putte (Senior Director, Managing Director Sotheby’s Brussels and Luxembourg).
Dr. Stephan Zilkens (Managing Partner, Zilkens Fine Art Insurance Broker GmbH).

Attendance to the conference requires prior registration :


In today’s art market, collectors, investors, family offices and investment banks have become even more cautious when involved in art transactions. 

Performing due diligence on art collection can make all the difference between safely enjoying artworks or being involved in an expensive court battle, fighting to minimise reputational damages and keep collection intact. Due diligence became an essential part of art transactions. Investigating and obtaining as much information as possible about the parties to the proposed transaction, the artwork and the transaction itself protects art businesses and collectors and helps them manage risks. This conference aims at demystifying the collecting journey through an interactive dialogue and practical tips with a panel of art market professionals.

  1. Client Due Diligence: Seller’s Credentials, Intermediaries, Client’s authority to act, and red flags checks.
  2. Artwork Due Diligence: Identification, Trade restrictions, Ownership, artwork location and recent movement, forensic analysis including provenance research, condition and authenticity, going so far as art valuation.
  3. Transaction Due Diligence: Purpose and form of the transaction, source of funds and documentation, Litigation risks and Regulatory risks including Import and exports requirements, new Anti-Money Laundering Laws among others.