Vienna Calling


Location: Art Talks

Caroline von Reden (Director of Luxembourg Art Week)

Guest Speakers:

Michael Kaufman (Director of Galerie Ernst Hilger, Curator of Queer Art Space Vienna 2023)
Philipp Klinger (Co-founder, CEO of Artxchains)
Tanya Van Breda Vriesman (Strategic project manager for art fairs and art festivals, FOTO WIEN and Curated By Vienna, founder DIT. = do it together in Vienna)


Vienna Calling is a tribute to Vienna’s enduring allure and the unique character that defines it - its genius loci. Vienna has long been hailed as a cultural capital, a place where art thrives, a city with an unmistakable identity, one that has withstood the test of time, transcending through various epochs and embracing the different shifts in paradigms. From the creation of new subjectivities and identities to the advent of new technologies in the contemporary art world.

The panel, moderated by Luxembourg Art Week's Director Caroline von Reden, focuses on Vienna’s prevailing character, atmosphere and spirit. In this context, the guest speakers will share their insights on highlighting the City as a cultural destination and, in this sense, on amplifying Vienna as a Cultural institution abroad. Such a discussion will enhance the Focus of the Fair, which is this year presenting a selection of Viennese galleries and spaces in a dedicated section [Focus] Wien: Rodler Geschwenter Gallery, zs art galerie, Bechter kastowsky galerie, Gallery Sturm & Schober, Galerie Ernst Hilger, Queer Art Space Vienna. The conversation with Tanya Van Breda Vriesman will delve in Vienna’s cultural ecosystem: how does Vienna support and produce relevant cultural events that connect galleries with art lovers and collectors, highlighting art & design at all levels - locally, regionally, globally? Linked to this very last point, the talk will reflect on the opportunities and challenges that arise when art establishments expand their reach into different destinations.

This talk will also be a space to explore the contemporary discourses that are shaping Vienna. With Michael Kaufman, round table will delve into the intricate dynamics of identity negotiation within established narratives. Queer Art Space Vienna 2023 promises to offer the grounds to discuss the possibilities of holding space within and outside the city’s artistic practices. Finally, the discussion will explore the convergence of art and new technologies when it comes to working with the past, in the present, for the future. With Philipp Klinger, the question of how companies promoting new global tendencies (i.e., NFTs, AI, new technologies) can manage to merge within the existing local art markets – as well as whether and how the City welcomes these shifts in paradigms – will be addressed.

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