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Galerie Claire Gastaud is pleased to present for Art Luxembourg 2023 a dialogue between works by Tania Mouraud, Roland Cognet and Georges Rousse. This dialogue reveals a sensitive reflection on the perception and construction of images.

In her "Borderland" series, Tania Mouraud gazes with gentle attention at the reflections of French countryside landscapes on the shimmering, folded, bulging surface of plastic tarpaulins wrapping bales of hay. Using photography, she captures, with the eye of an impressionist painter, all the variations of light that create the landscape, restoring to the viewer the image of a landscape situated at the frontier of perception. With the "Shmues" and "Mots mêlés" series, she continues her reflection on writing and its symbolism.

At the crossroads of painting, drawing, architecture and photography, Georges Rousse's work is multifaceted. Working according to the principle of anamorphosis, Georges Rousse's geometric and colorful universes are deployed in space - the artist's raw material - to condense from a precise point of view, the one from which the photograph will be taken. The result is a work that stands still in time and space, disrupting the viewer's gaze.

Roland Cognet's work is a reflection on materials, forms and the four fundamental essences: mineral, vegetable, animal and human, in the tradition of French and American concrete sculpture artists. His work is a confrontation between nature and sculpture.

On display is a series of "Tête de singe", monumental sculptures in bronze and wood.

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