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Founded in 2011, Modulab develops tools for dissemination: exhibitions, publications, art editions and is committed to the artists it supports. Modulab strengthens and unites in this collective project, the skills, operating methods and tools necessary to make visible the work of emerging artists. Its purpose is to promote contemporary creation and to encourage encounters between artists, curators, art critics, publishers, institutions, public and private partners and the public.

In addition to its exhibition program in its premises, the gallery develops and collaborates on many projects outside the walls: in institutional contemporary art venues, but also in interstitial and offbeat spaces.

Since 2015 Modulab has participated in numerous international fairs and events (Drawing Now Art Fair, Art Paris, Luxembourg Art Week, Art-o-rama, Paréidolie Marseille).

Over the years, Modulab has confirmed its artistic project and established its presence both in the Grand Est region but also at the national and cross-border level, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany.

In addition, Modulab publishes and distributes multiples of artists in the field of art prints and promotes their work in public collections.

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