Casino Area, Halle Victor Hugo

Class Trip by Casino Luxembourg

Class Trip

Curator: Casey Detrow
Artists: Andrew Black, Xenia Taniko, Paul Niedermayer, Mary-Audrey Ramirez, Lee Stevens, Vince Tillotson

For the past three years, Casino Luxembourg has been actively involved in LUXEMBOURG ART WEEK, among others through its series of Art Talks and its ArtBookBox. To strengthen its commitment and contribute to the fair's prospecting process, Casino will for the first time this year present an exhibition in its booth at the entrance of Halle Victor Hugo.

The starting points of Class Trip are the social origins and history of two pastimes: the picnic and the safari. While both are synonyms of leisure, travel and entertainment, they are also, traditionally speaking, foremost (neo)colonial, bourgeois activities.
Class Trip seeks – not without humour – to invert the gaze through a lens that centres on a queering of gender, a critical class consciousness and a postcolonial approach to art production. Considering the site-specific nature of the LUXEMBOURG ART WEEK art fair,* Class Trip* works around the idea of economic voyeurism as a form of art consumption and encourages viewers to consider who is controlling the narrative of art production.
Class Trip includes the work of six artists based in Berlin, Glasgow and Luxembourg whose pieces run the gamut from dark emotional and political morbidity to a bright, amusing extravaganza, incorporating both high-brow and low-brow aesthetics and meanings, the interpretation of which remains up to the viewer.