LEAP20 The Luxembourg Encouragement for Artists Prize

With the LEAP prize, Rotondes (while already supporting the work of young artists in the Greater Region with its Triennale) awards contemporary artists with a connection to the Grand Duchy and offers a springboard to greater visibility and a professional career. The prize aims to help artists demonstrating an innovative approach to contemporary creation and to support the development of their careers.

Following a call for applications in 2019, an international jury shortlisted the works of Suzan Noesen, Hisae Ikenaga, Nina Tomàs, and the duo Bruno Baltzer and Leonora Bisagno. One year later, the name of the winner will finally be revealed and the collective exhibition (postponed due to the pandemic) will open its doors to the public in the Rotondes’s Galerie.

The Finalists

Suzan Noesen
Suzan Noesen is a multidisciplinary Dutch-Luxembourgish artist based in Luxembourg. Noesen explores the role of aesthetics and of art in the context of social classifications. Her work has the feel of experimental anthropological research.

Hisae Ikenaga
Hisae Ikenaga is a Mexican-Spanish artist who lives and works in Luxembourg. Her art focuses on everyday objects which she modifies to give them different meanings and usages. Her work is full of irony and absurdity, as in her recent series representing an impossible archaeological discovery.

Nina Tomás
Nina Tomàs is a French-Luxembourgish artist who lives and works in Luxembourg. Her paintings take on many subjects, such as systems (ecological, economic, nervous) and identities (local, global, hybrid). Her work, which is dreamlike and brings together diverse figures, times, and spaces, has a unique and complex poetry.

Baltzer & Bisagno
Baltzer and Bisagno is a duo of artists made up of the French-Luxembourgish Bruno Baltzer and the Italian-German Leonora Bisagno, based in Luxembourg. In a prolific body of work that takes many forms, the duo analyses representation and the contemporary condition of the image. They develop their perspectives in response to specific contexts (a residency abroad, a political event, a topical issue), exploring every component of their subjects: formal, technical, political, and cultural.

LEAP20 is organised by Rotondes and presented by RTL.

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